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Starlink is a constellation of thouands of satellites developed by SpaceX to provide affordable internet coverage around the globe. The satellites are launched about 60 at a time on SpaceX reuseable rockets. ...more>

Kymeta Flat panel VSAT antennas with no moving parts.

Kymeta flat panel antennas could be a very interesting development. Flat panel antennas have been around for a while, but this uses a new metamaterials technology to stear the beams from an antenna the size of a pizza box, with no moving parts. Microsoft founder,  Bill Gates has a substantial investment in the technology and agreements are in place with O3B and with Inmarsat Global Xpress for development of antennas for both Ka-band networks. ...more>

POL: Polarization

Polarization refers the alignment of the antenna on earth to the antenna on the satellite....more>

Marine Satellite Systems LLC | Marine Satellite Systems LLC | | Ku-Band VSAT - Fixed Price Regional Internet at sea | Ku-Band USAT, Ultra Small, Fixed Price, Internet at sea. | is a shortcut to

Marine Satellite Systems is a Fort Lauderdale based company dedicated to providing technical service and support on Intellian, SeaTel and other VSAT and Sat TV systems on yachts and ships.

Marine Satellite Systems provides engineering support and service for several marine satellite dealers, shipyards, satellite service providers, and directly to yacht and ship customers, worldwide.

When subcontracting, I represent and promote the contracting company as if I were an employee, so they can be assured that I will not be trying to sell their customers on other systems or services.

Marine Satellite Systems is not directly affiliated with SeaTel or any particular dealer or satellite service provider. 

I have extensive experience in maintenance and installation of SeaTel, Intellian, Orbit, Spacetrack and other stabilized VSAT and TVRO antenna systems on yachts, cruise ships, and commercial vessels. I have many years of experience developing and troubleshooting iDirect and Comtech marine satellite networks.  .

If you are having problems with your onboard VSAT, TV or network,
or need equipment installed or upgraded

512/128 kbps $60K + $2500/month
For full service internet access at sea with unrestricted web browsing, email and telephone, the most common system is the 1 meter, Ku-Band VSAT, combined with an iDirect modem, for which you pay a fixed price, billed by the month, for virtually unlimited usage.

Like DSL at home, the system is always on, and the access is shared among several other vessels contending for the same bandwidth. If the overall bandwidth is sufficient, and the number of vessels (contention ratio) is kept reasonably low, this is the most cost effective way of providing full service internet access to vessels at sea.

Depending on your bandwidth requirements, the typical monthly costs run between $1000 to $4000 and up....more>
512/256 kbps $30K +2995/month     384/128 kbps $30K +$412/month
USAT (Ultra Small Aperture Terminals) with reflector sizes of only 60 cm (24") opens up internet access at fixed monthly prices to a huge market of much smaller vessels that could not support the size and weight of a full fledged 1 meter antenna....more>