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| | New OmniAccess teleport in Spain | OmniAccess launches BroadBEAM Ultra 20 Mbit VSAT Airtime Package |

Based in the "yachting capital of the Mediterranean", Palma de Mallorca, OmniAccess offers a portfolio of cutting-edge services and products to some of the world's most impressive yachts. OmniAccess' services encompass BroadBEAM VSAT solutions for high-speed Internet connectivity at sea, Teleport operations, PLEXUS advanced data-network design and implementation, project management and consulting.
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Mallorca, Spain
Omniaccess have recently commissioned their new iDirect Evolution Teleport in Palma Mallorca.

Omniaccess provides quality VSAT services to select megayachts via their own Teleport and iDirect Evolution DVB S2 hub. This provides them with control of the quality of whole network from the hub, to the satellite, and the remote terminal.

While they can control almost everything except the weather, the iDirect Evolution modem's Adaptive Coding Modulation will reduce the effects of rain fade.
15 Nov 2010: OmniAccess today announced at METS their new, ultra-fast 20 Megabit VSAT airtime package BroadBEAM Ultra.

While conventional satellite services usually provide maximum download speeds of 1 Mbps, Broadbeam Ultra is up to 20 times faster, and is considered the fastest maritime airtime package available today. 

BroadBEAM Ultra is specifically designed for use within the Super and Mega yacht sector and for highend generation, bandwidth hungry applications like high definition conferencing, the simultaneous streaming of multiple HDTV channels, and other extreme applications.

OmniAccess BroadBEAM Ultra service will be offered in tailor-made packages, optimized for the typical yachting calendar, consisting of a 5-month winter-season package for the Caribbean (from 15. November - 15. April), and a 6-month summer-season package for the Mediterranean (15. April – 15.October).

In addition to the 20 Megabit service, OmniAccess BroadBEAM Ultra will also be offered at a lower speed of 10 Megabit down (1:5 contention-ratio) and 512 kbps up (dedicated) - for those whose bandwidth need is not as extreme.

BroadBEAM Ultra makes use of the latest, state-of-the-art iDirect Evolution platform and the iDirect x5 satellite modem to support these high bandwidth applications.

The BroadBEAM Ultra service-package starts with prices of €42.500 for the 10 Mbps service/Caribbean Season package, and €67.500 for the 20 Mbps/Caribbean Season package.

At METS 2010 Amsterdam exhibition, OmniAccess will launch BroadBEAM Ultra, and will be accepting orders for this year's Caribbean service - and pre-orders for next year's Mediterranean Service.