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Xpresslink: VSAT + Fleet Broadband bundle | Stratos has been acquired by Inmarsat | Xpresslink Brochure |
Inmarsat Xpresslink (XL) is Inmarsat's Ku/L-Band bridge to their new Ka-band Global Xpress service that begins in 2014.

Xpresslink comprises Ku-Band VSAT (including the rental of the VSAT terminal), bundled with unlimited Fleet Broadband (FBB) minutes when VSAT is not available.
A Global Unit controller, rack mount PC, automatically switches between the two, and manages the Ku Band satellite beams.

There is the option of using your existing VSAT or FBB terminal, subject to their approval.

The Xpresslink contract is for 36 months, but it includes a free, optional upgrade to a 36 month Global Xpress contract when this service becomes available.

The "Premium" monthly package is quite reasonable at about $3400 for 512/512 kbps with a healthy CIR of 128 kbps. The Premium package can also be configured asymmetrically with 768/256 with 192/64 kbps CIR, which might be more practical for most users.

Both options include the monthly rental of the VSAT terminal and unlimited Inmarsat FBB minutes when the VSAT is not available. 

The "Basic" package is 128/128 with 32 kbps CIR for about $2600, and the "Pro" package is 256/256 with 64 kbps CIR for $3000, but for such a small price difference it would make sense to go for the full "Premium".  

This fixed monthly cost should be attractive to commercial operators and will avoid the huge billing surprises that have resulted when switching to FBB when the VSAT is down. The guaranteed, global, always on, Ku/FBB coverage will also be a big draw for commercial vessels operating world wide.

Installation is not included. Voice calls are billed separately.
In advance of the launch of the Global Xpress service, Inmarsat has acquired one of it's largest distribution partners, Stratos, and the maritime VSAT service provider, Ship Equip.

Stratos and Ship Equip will operate under the Inmarsat brand. Global Xpress will be distributed through Stratos as well as Inmarsat's existing network of distribution channels.

Ship Equip of Norway brings extensive VSAT knowledge and a large installed base of maritime VSAT customers of over 850 vessels in the shipping, energy and fishing markets, who are likely to be among the first to transition to Global Xpress services.[