KVH unveils the TracPhone V3

Miami 17 February 2011. KVH unveiled it's latest product, the 14.5" Tracphone V3  that will revolutionize the VSAT industry, opening VSAT capabilities to vessels as small, as 10 meters...more>
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| KVH Tracphone V7 mini-VSAT | KVH V7 Fixed Standard rate plans | KVH V7 Fixed Seasonal rate plans | KVH introduces metered rates for V7 | Thrane &Thrane Sailor 700 VSAT and JRC. |
KVH is the clear leader in providing a 2 axis, 60cm VSAT Tracphone V7 service bundled with several levels of prepaid and postpaid airtime at rates suitable for a 20-30 meter luxury yacht or commercial vessel. They are rapidly expanding their coverage areas to include the most traveled regions of the world.
The KVH mini VSAT service is provided in partnership with Viasat, utilizing their Viasat Yonder network for aircraft. The system uses 12 satellite transponders and 9 teleports to provide almost global coverage.

Although only a 2 axis stabilised antenna, the polarization axis also dynamically follows the movement of the vessel, making it effectively a 3 axis system.

Plan Down/Up Monthly cost
F0 64/64 Kbps $995.00
F1 128/128 Kbps $1,495.00
F2 256/128 Kbps $1,995.00
F3 256/256 Kbps $2,495.00
F4 512/256 Kbps $2,995.00
F5 1024/512 Kbps $4,495.00
F6 2048/512 Kbps $5,995.00

This includes unlimited data use and phone calls as low as 5c per minute, depending on the destination on up to two phone lines.

Here is a more detailed airtime pricelist from KVH

The seasonal rate plans cost quite a bit more per month, but allow you to suspend the contract for up to 9 months at a layup rate of $195 per month. This could be cost effective for vessels that are only in use during the summer or winter seasons.

This also allows practically unlimited data use and low cost voice calls on two phone lines.

Plan Down/Up Monthly cost Layup
S0 64/64 Kbps $1,495.00 $195.00
S1 128/128 Kbps $2,250.00 $195.00
S2 256/128 Kbps $2,995.00 $195.00
S3 256/256 Kbps $3,750.00 $195.00
S4 512/256 Kbps $4,495.00 $195.00
S5 1024/512 Kbps $6,750.00 $195.00
S6 2048/512 Kbps $8,995.00 $195.00

Here is a more detailed airtime pricelist from KVH
In addition to the popular, fixed rate and seasonal rate plans, KVH have now included a metered plan similar to the new V3 rate plan, with monthly fees as low as $49 for 50MB of data and phone calls to and from anywhere for 49c.

The V7 Metered Megabyte data rate is a shared service at 2 Mbps down and 512 kbps up. The prices are the same for the V3, but the uplink is 128kbps

V7 and V3 Metered Megabyte plan
Plan Data Monthly fee Overage
M50 50MB $49.00 $1.99/MB
M250 250MB $249.00 $1.99/MB
M500 500MB $499.00 $1.99/MB
M1000 1000MB $999.00 $0.99/MB
Data rate V7 = 2048/512 - V3 = 2048/128
All phone calls in and out $0.49 per minute

For both the V7 and the V3 this plan includes only one phone line. You pay a flat rate of 49c per minute for phone calls both for incoming and outgoing calls to anywhere in the world. The phone calls do not count against your data plan while you are using the phone.

Here is a more detailed airtime pricelist from KVH
Thrane & Thrane sell the KVH V7 and the mini-VSAT services under the brand name of Sailor.

JRC are also distributors of KVH antennas and mini-VSAT services.