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Marine Satellite Systems LLC, is a Fort Lauderdale based company providing VSAT and Sat TV support to yachts and ships.

As an independent contractor in the Fort Lauderdale area, I specialize in maintenance and installation of Intellian, SeaTel, Orbit, Spacetrack and other stabilized VSAT and TVRO antenna systems on yachts, cruise ships, and commercial vessels. I have many years of experience developing and troubleshooting iDirect and Comtech marine satellite networks

Marine Satellite Systems LLC is not tied to any particular satellite service provider. I provide engineering support to yachts and ships, directly and as a subcontractor for several companies both locally and worldwide.

If you are having problems with your onboard VSAT, TV or network,
or need equipment installed or upgraded
While I am in Europe for the spring, it is best to contact me by email rather than phone. 

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