While it is becoming more difficult to find Orbit parts and repairs on this side of the Atlantic, there is a company in Canada, MINS Technologies, that sells new Orbit antennas, and has a large stock of new, used and refurbished Orbit parts....more>
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New Orbit OceanTRxTM 4 | Orsat AL-7103 MkII-Ku- 1.15m (45") | Orbit 7103 Specifications | An Orsat antenna in demo mode |
A completely new 1.15m design from Orbit in Israel that supports Ku, Ka or X band systems.

OceanTRxTM 4-500 provides multi-band frequency support for Ku, Ka and X bands, based on field exchangeable kits. 
The antenna uses a single cable between antenna and below deck.

Remote monitoring capabilities allow replication of the system interface to any remote PC enabling off-site technicians to remotely monitor and operate the system, or carry out troubleshooting and diagnostics. 
Orbit Ocean TR4 Datasheet
Rumored to be based on missile tracking systems, this unique, 4 axis, stabilised antenna is impressive, to say the least. It's military origins are evident in the precision machining of the metal components and it's rugged, trouble free performance.

The dish is a highly efficient dual offset Gregorian 1.15m (45") Ku-Band antenna housed in a low loss 1.28m (50") radome.

The 3 lower axes are powered and controlled by three identical,  and interchangeable SDM modules containing the mechanics and electronics of each drive. These modules are easily replaced with 6 screws.

The antenna weight of 270Kg (almost 600 lb) should be taken into consideration when placing the antenna.

The system has excellent remote software, allowing the antenna to be monitored and controlled over IP from any PC on the ship's network or even, if necessary, from a PC with access to the ship's network on shore.

Antenna size & type:  Dual-offset carbon-fibre dish (Gregorian type) 1.15 m diameter

Radome size:  Diameter 1.28m, Height 1.61m

Antenna weight :270 kg (595 lbs)

Operational frequency: Tx 13.75/14 —14.5 GHz, Rx 10.95—12.75 GHz

Antenna polarity: Linear H/V. Optional co-pol kit available

Antenna gain: Tx 42.5 dBi @ 14.25 GHz, Rx 41 dBi @ 11.7 GHz

Cross-polarization isolation: > 35 dB

System G/T: 19 dB/K @ 11.7 GHz and at 20 degrees elevation

Power requirements: 90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 Watt

Modem interface: L-band

Pointing accuracy: 0.1 degrees RMS

Tracking capabilities: Roll 30

Ship gyro interface: NMEA-0183, Synchro, Step by Step

Available BUC options 4W, 8W and 16W (both normal & extended TX range)

O @ 8sec, Pitch 15O @ 6 sec, Yaw 8O @ 15 sec, Turning rate 12O/sec

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